CGT the basics

Capital Gains Tax, exactly how much is it?

How much is capital gains tax? This is the exact question that Excas Accounting answers a lot. To understand the basics of how Capital Gain Tax works please download Kerry Casanova’s Guide :

Three Things To Save You Money this Tax Time

Three Things You Should Do To Save This Tax Time No-one wants to miss out on a tax deduction or pay more in accountant fees than they have to. My biggest tip for you this tax time is to get organized, as the more you do for yourself the better result you will from your […]

Home Based Business Tax Deductions

HOME BASED BUSINESS This article applies if you are a self-employed person operating your business without renting/owning business premises and home happens to be the place that you work out of. Good examples of this are Tradies that have a workshop/shedding at home, personal trainer who sees clients at home or awesome accountants who have […]

What tax deductions can I claim when working from home

WORKING AT HOME First off we have to figure out if you are working from home or are you a home based business? This will make a difference to the type of expenses you can claim for. This article talks about what options you have in claiming tax deduction for the time you spend working […]

Trading Trust in Australia to operate your business in by Exact Accounting Tax and Business Specialists

What is A Discretionary Trust?

A trust is a structure created by executing a trust deed, where a trustee, who can be an individual or a company, holds and manages assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries of that trust. Day to day operating your business through a trust is no different from operating as a partnership or sole trader, […]