Small Business Tax Appointment Check List

Here is Excas Accounting’s  check list of what exact details we will need for your small business tax return. The best way you can keep your accounting fees low is to keep good business records that summarises your income and expenses for the year into categories. In the checklist is a standard set of costs […]

Trading Trust in Australia to operate your business in by Exact Accounting Tax and Business Specialists

Checklist for How to Change to a Trading Trust

A trust is often used to provide better tax result, sharing income among the beneficiaries and to help provide some asset protection where possible. For more information about trusts please read this article  Discretionary Trusts  If changing your structure has been suggested by your trusted advisor and you have reviewed all of the pros and […]

CGT the basics

Capital Gains Tax, exactly how much is it?

How much is capital gains tax? This is the exact question that Excas Accounting answers a lot. To understand the basics of how Capital Gain Tax works please download Kerry Casanova’s Guide :

using car at work by Excas Accounting Tax & Business Specialists

Using your car for work

As an employee you are able to claim a deduction for using your car for work purposes if you use your car for your job for any of these: You drive between separate jobs on the same day OR You drive between alternate workplaces for the same employer on the same day OR Delivering or […]

how to use a logbook for tax

Logbook Requirements

What your logbook needs to include To be able to prove how you have used your vehicle to earn your income your logbook has to hit the key ATO requirements. There is no point giving your accountant a logbook that doesn’t cover the details that the ATO have to have, if it’s not valid than […]

Kerry Casanova Boss Excas Accounting

How do I get paid from my business

How do I get paid from my own business? This exact question comes up quite a bit and my answers in this article relate to those of you who are running your business as a sole trader or partnership. When you operate as a sole trader or a partnership you will pay income tax on […]

Home Based Business Tax Deductions

HOME BASED BUSINESS This article applies if you are a self-employed person operating your business without renting/owning business premises and home happens to be the place that you work out of. Good examples of this are Tradies that have a workshop/shedding at home, personal trainer who sees clients at home or awesome accountants who have […]

What tax deductions can I claim when working from home

WORKING AT HOME First off we have to figure out if you are working from home or are you a home based business? This will make a difference to the type of expenses you can claim for. This article talks about what options you have in claiming tax deduction for the time you spend working […]

Kerry Casanova Xero Certified Adviser and trainer

How do I allocate a deposit to customer invoice in Xero?

When you are reconciling your Xero file there will be times when the decision Xero has made as too which invoices and customers the bank deposit should be allocated to isn’t quite as you expect. Please click here for Excas Accounting, your Xero Certified accountants, easy and exact instructions on how to use Find & […]

QuickBooks Online help

How to add an invoice into QuickBooks

For help on how to enter your sales invoices please click here for our free cheat sheet   Contact your Excas Accountant, Kerry Casanova for any training in Quickbooks cloud accounting software   For more about QuickBooks Online please go to Intuit Australia

Quickbooks accountants Port Lincoln

How to Create a Reckon Petty Cash Account

A cash transaction account in your Reckon file can make it easier to account for all of those small purchases that you make day to day. Create a Petty Cash account in your Quick books to make sure that all of your deductible expenses make it through to your accountant’s figures. Excas Accounting  have made you a […]

Kerry Casanova Xero Certified Adviser and trainer

Xero Bank Reconciliations

Please download Excas Accounting’s cheat sheet to see how to check that your bank accounts reconcile exact in Xero.

Trading Trust in Australia to operate your business in by Exact Accounting Tax and Business Specialists

What is A Discretionary Trust?

A trust is a structure created by executing a trust deed, where a trustee, who can be an individual or a company, holds and manages assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries of that trust. Day to day operating your business through a trust is no different from operating as a partnership or sole trader, […]

time to change your accountant

How do I change my accountant?

Changing your tax accountant is easy Many small business clients stay with their exact same accountant even though they feel they are not getting the service, advice or the value they need, even though it is one of the most important relationships that their business has. Would you stay with supplier who was slow to […]

invite user into your xero file

How to add a new user to your Xero

To add new people to your organisation who can access your Xero records you invite them as a new user into your account. Please click here to download our easy exact  instructions how to invite a new user into Xero online accounting software: